Women’s Affairs Division


Economically and socially empowered women


Identifying in–born talents of women and creating background for them to rise at their own effort, making equal opportunities for all and thereby actively contributing to upgrade, qualitatively and adequately, their standard of living and social status with the provision of financial and technical assistance required in acquiring knowledge, opportunities and resources.


  1. Provision of opportunities and facilities for women to participate in economic affairs by making them economically empowered.
  2. Giving guidance in building a virtuous and wholesome society by means of education and awareness provided in compliance with the SriLankan culture.
  3. Obtaining women’s participation and leadership in social, economic and political activities by encouraging attitude change.
  4. Utilizing less-optimized women labour for provincial development.
  5. Minimizing economic and social problems pertaining to women.
  6. Making women legally aware in order to ensure women’s rights.

A percentage of 51 of the entire population of the Western province consist of women and their participation is expected to be effectively utilized in the development process by enforcing them with the provision of knowledge and facilitations to develop their skills and abilities.

Thus, based on the policies of the current government, the division, with the intention of achieving expected targets within five years from 2013 -2017, is attempting to produce a group of women economically and socially empowered with a high standard of living by implementing programmes and projects specially identified for low income women residing in Western province.

Measures have been taken in identifying and implementing professional courses to equip women with knowledge to satisfy the demand of the labour market by providing technical and professional knowledge for women in the western province


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Last updated on June 7, 2017

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