The staff of our Ministry contributes towards maintaining an efficient and effective administrative structure to achieve the performance results expected from areas of health, indigenous medicine, social welfare, women’s affairs and probation & child care services assigned to the Minister in Charge of these portfolios in the Western Province Council in terms of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka and subsequently, to be implemented in accordance with the policy statement of the Hon. Governor made under the sixth Western Province Council established in the year of 2014.



Cure and Care for all




To ensure provision of people based, client friendly, quality, accessible, equitable & cost effective cure and care services by enabling policy & legal framework, resource mobilization and infusion of modern technology to maximize satisfaction of the needy people through Provincial Departments of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Social Services, Probation & Child Care Services and Women’s Affairs.




Key functions

  • Expansion of quantitative and qualitative health service through efficient maintenance of disease curative and preventive sectors.

  • Improvement of production of drugs and cultivation of medicinal plants by popularizing indigenous treatments and expanding establishment services, attracting local and foreign communities towards indigenous medical system.

  • Ensure protection and security of senior citizens, rehabilitation of stray women and socialize them as virtuous persons and expansion of social welfare services by providing financial and material reliefs for those who become helpless due to various reasons.

  • Expansion of childcare services to guide the right path for orphaned and abused children and ensure children’s rights.

  • Providing necessary training for socio-economic development of women, applying new technology with consultancy and implementing activities relevant to empowerment.